an interactive companion to the Politically charged exhibit at the deyoung museum.
Though often appreciated, the art of Keith Haring is usually misunderstood.
The Keith Haring The Political Line app helps users understand the meaning behind Haring's work by exposing users to ideas straight from the mouth of the artist himself, while encouraging collaboration through interactivity.


The following apps were evaluated and reviewed while researching this product. They include the good, the bad, and the ugly of art education applications found in the App Store. Pros are noted in green, and cons noted in red.



Interviews were conducted to see what users thought about Keith Haring and wanted to see in an app dedicated to his work. Also discussed was interactivity in museums and using technology to further the gallery experience without taking away from the art.


"I would like more gallery experiences to pop up. I think at the end of the day they give you more to think about and talk about than things like the Ice Cream Museum"

What we learned

"I think Haring's art is basic but meaningful, and i feel like that meaning gets lost on most people"


"I would love to see more types of mixed reality or augmented reality technology put to use in museums."



Jill Peterson

Jill is a 26 year old writer, currently employed at a start-up in Downtown San Francisco. She spends her spare time cooking with her boyfriend, writing poetry, and going to concerts with her friends. On the weekend, she likes to check out the various museums around the city, and enjoys posting her adventures on Instagram. 


Recently, she went to the Museum of Ice Cream, where she experienced an interactive driven “museum” for the first time. She is surprised there are not more spaces like this, and loves the idea of more interactive educational experinces.





Social Media


Eating out with friends

Going to concerts








San Francisco, CA.

Bachelor’s Degree


Two siblings who live on the East Coast


User journey

This user journey follows Rose, who was invited to attend the new Keith Haring exhibit at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. She had heard of Keith Haring, but was mostly unfamiliar with his work. Rose looks up the artist and sees an ad for the Keith Haring - The Political Line companion app, which she downloads. She discovers the innovative, new ways that this exhibit is using technology to engage with art, and she excitedly text her friend to download the app too. 

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